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Seven Springs Valley


A Verdant Valley with Many secrets

Rhodes boasts one of the most unique nature sites where you can take a break from the scorching summer heat and explore nature paths and ancient water supply constructions. Upon arriving at the Valley, the refreshing cool water from seven springs scattered throughout the hillside and the ample shade from the surrounding pine and plane tree forest will provide instant relief from the heat. Spend a few hours here to relax and rejuvenate.7 Springs Tavern

About the Valley

The Seven Springs Valley can be found on the East Coast, approximately 28 km (17.40 mi) away from Rhodes town. This area, which is part of the Natura 2000 Program, is located between Kolymbia and Archipoli villages. The valley is named after the seven natural springs that create a small tributary of the Loutanis river. Due to its plentiful water supply and humid environment, the area remains lush and green throughout the year, making it an ideal habitat for rare plant species.Seven Springs

The history of the Valley dates back to the 1920s when the Italians utilized the water from springs to supply nearby villages and fields by installing aqueducts. The construction took 11 years to complete, resulting in the capture of the water by a dam, forming a stunning artificial lake. The dam’s highlight is its barrier, which creates a breathtaking waterfall as the water falls into the lake. The lake is approximately 1-8m (3.28-26.25 ft) deep and has a length of about 200m (656.17 ft). Seven Springs Valley

Into the dark… for some fun!

One of the most thrilling features of the Valley is the narrow tunnel that steals the spotlight! To reach the waterfall, there are two options: take a stroll through the tunnel (which adds to the adventure!) or follow the forest path. Simply follow the signs! The tunnel extends 13m (42.65 ft) underground and is 185m (605 ft) long & 2m (6.56 ft) high. Fresh spring water, ankle or knee-deep, flows through the tunnel and into the man-made lake. It’s customary to cross the tunnel barefooted on the way to the lake. About halfway through, there is a well that serves as an airway. The pitch-black darkness, the cool running water, and the narrow, old concrete walls all contribute to a thrilling experience! For those who prefer to stay above ground, a footpath leads to the lake. Seven Springs

Upon exiting the tunnel, a small water reservoir will come into view. Its water levels may vary depending on the season. Continue your exploration towards the dam which boasts a beautiful waterfall. It serves as a perfect backdrop for a stunning photo! Seven Springs

The tasty side of Epta Piges

At the heart of Seven Springs lies a restaurant that has been run by Peta’s family for almost 80 years. The restaurant’s humble beginnings trace back to a small hut built by Mr. Stefanos in 1945. He made omelets for the workers of the water supply construction and looked after a big tank that supplied water for the donkeys. Over time, the little hut evolved into a cozy restaurant that served traditional Greek cuisine, attracting passers-by and hikers alikeValley of Seven Springs

Taking a break and resting under the cool shade of the enormous plane trees while listening to the sound of springs is truly delightful. You might even encounter a peacock or a goose while enjoying your refreshing drink. The restaurant may not look fancy, but the spacious tables promise satisfying and delicious food. Every dish is freshly prepared daily with locally sourced ingredients and served promptly. The secret to their scrumptious food is simple – the great outdoors, fresh air, family traditions, and fresh ingredients. We highly recommend exploring the Valley and indulging in their delectable Greek Salad paired with meat and cheese balls. It’s a must-try!7 Springs Restaurant

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Locals can tell you some interesting stories, especially about their big snake that lives inside the souvenir shop!

We hope this information helps you to experience the Valley of Seven Springs and have a nice time! We will be happy if you share it!

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